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BeeBio Active Manuka Skincare Arrives

November 13, 2016

BeeBio Active Manuka Honey Skincare Arrives

It is with great pleasure and pride that we launch BeeBio this month at Embrayce Beauty & MediSpa.  With so many skincare products on the market, it is very easy to be skeptical of what is “New”. 

Backed by Scientific Research and development, BeeBio’s anti-aging technology has been proven with successful collaboration with the NZ Government, Ministry of Science and Innovation. 

This research has identified the rejuvenating and regenerating properties of Bio-active Manuka Honey and its ability to stimulate the rejuvenation and regenerate skin cells, using the following natural ingredients, in their purest and most concentrated form  :

  • Bee Venom, scientific research proving stimulation of skin cell growth by 80%.
  • 16+ Active Manuka Honey, scientific research proving stimulation of skin cell growth by 80%.
  • Super Fruit Extract, scientific research proving stimulation of skin cell growth by 61%.
  • Kiwi Fruit Extract, scientific research proving stimulation of skin cell growth by 54%.

The research is quite compelling and the big question is until now, only cosmeceutical products have been able to deliver these kinds of results, if BeeBio, a natural product can deliver the same results and at the same time be so healthy and natural for your skin, then why would you not try it ?

BeeBio, with its high level Medical Grade Manuka Honey, Bee Venom, Royal Jelly and concentrated natural fruit extract rich in Anti-Oxidants, is natural and following a worldwide trend towards nature and science combining to create Multi-Functional Natural Skincare.

BeeBio Did you know fact - bee venom

We wanted to share with you some information below on our NEW favorite BeeBio product. Embrayce will have some samples of this product for you to take home and try, just call Robyn or Tania and let us know you read our blog.

To view more information on BeeBio visit BeeBio information on our website

Happy Holidays

The team at Embryace

NEW! Venomenous Bee Venom and Fruit Boost Anti-Aging Face Masque

We have an exciting announcement! A brand new face masque is making its debut and is now being launched in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and China. This new, amazing multifunctional Bee Venom and Fruit Boost Anti-Aging Face Masque masque comes on the heels of our highly successful skincare line.

We know there are a number of bee venom products out there but what makes us special is we have a fundamental understanding of the importance of marrying nature with science to develop products which really deliver on our Anti-Aging promise not just adding new ingredients.

BeeBio Venomemous Masque Manuka Honey and Bee Venom

Our new Venonemous Face Masque is a great example of this. This is truly the first Multi-Functional Bee Venom Face Masque in the world.

Firstly we have combined Bee Venom and 16+ Active Manuka Honey at the right levels in order to achieve truly amazing skin cell stimulation results of 80%, compared to controls, and this is all possible due to 100% natural bee products. Below are the results from the independent Skin Cell Research we conducted with the help of the NZ Ministry of Science and Innovation.

BeeBio Science - Cell Stimulation

We have then combined this with an Exclusive BeeBio Super Fruit Extract, which provides an amazing Anti-Oxidant Action with 6 times the anti-oxidant of vitamin C. It stimulates circulation, promotes an even skin tone and significantly slows downs the visible signs of ageing. This is excitingly clear from the research results below.

BeeBio Science Antioxidant level

Finally we have included a BeeBio Exclusive Kiwi Fruit Seed Extract which brightens dull uneven skin to restore clarity and reduces redness, dark spots and skin pigmentation caused by the aging process. Scientifically proven to inhibit melatonin production and deliver brightness with its unique lightening and brightening within 5 days as shown in our testing results below.

BeeBio Science skin lightening

Mintel, the biggest consumer products research company in the World has just announced in the US that the big trend in Women's skin care is now Multi-Functional Natural Skincare. BeeBio Venomenous it exactly what they are talking about and what women want!

We are very proud of this new product and look forward to you experiencing our Venomenous Face Masque soon.

 Link to view BeeBio information on our website

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